Department of Conservation

Department of Conservation

Grant of $357,000 (including GST) over three years from the Departments Community Conservation Partnerships Fund was awarded in 2014 for animal pest control intensification, expansion & operations.

We appreciate and acknowledge the partnership and support of DOC, including funds towards animal pest control in previous years.

This year we have looked at the following ideas:


Iwi Support Liaison Internship:  This idea from a meeting with Paul Warbrick, DOC’s Kaituitui Kaupapa (our Iwi Integrator). It is still in the early stages of conception, however, it now has a project leader and the first meeting to flesh out the parameters will be held in July.


Community Conservation

Partnership Fund: 
An exciting opportunity that knocked on our doors, but the timeframe for it meant that it was “all hands on the typewriter” for a hectic 10 days.  With massive input from Phil, Nigel and Carole, along with Pete and Barb at DOC an application was put through for major funding for the next few years. The assessors are going through all of the applications received nationally and results will be available end June-early July. Good luck.


Permits for kiwi work:  Brad (DOC) is assisting Nigel and Phil re permits for the Northern Enclosure at Maungatautari and Warrenheip.


Concession: We have been working with the Trust on options for some commercial activities to help with fund raising and opening up opportunities for people to enjoy the forest.  There are some legal technicalities that we are working through. I am looking forward to being able to work through this.


This is an exciting time working with the OKT to figure out how we can work together. There are no fixed rules for community and DOC involvement and there are so many ways we can help with the development and growth of your Trust. I am excited about the way forward and look forward to meeting more of you in the near future.


Kind regards 

Barb Strange

Conservation Partnerships Ranger

P. 07 571 2735

E. bstrange@doc.govt.nz  www.doc.govt.nz