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Chair’s Report - Dec ’13

Chair’s Report - Dec ’13

Looking back on 2013

Looking back on 2013, a satisfying year with the OKT.

The Trust's final meeting of the year was last week.
Results from the pest control for this year were tabled and this indicates that the rat control has gone well. The possum control looks to be a little less certain this year but a work day several weeks ago concentrated on putting more bait into the key re-infestation areas and the kokako territories. Phil Cummins took out more bait this year at the completion of the bait operation but the reasons for the lower uptake are uncertain.

Kiwi at Warrenheip Creche
Pistachio gave us a bit of a scare but is now fine. We are monitoring the kiwis at Warrenheip and are dosing a few more for worm control to ensure that they have every chance to thrive. Harry Taylor and the Te Puke Vet Centre have done a huge amount of work along with the Ops volunteers and we are grateful for that support.

Eight Classes visit Otanewainuku in two months

The education report showed that we have had 8 different class groups up to Otanewainuku during the last two months. These groups normally are two or more classes with parents and teachers and is an important part of the spreading the word about the work we do. If you have an interest in getting involved we would love to have others on the team-just contact me to add your name. Ruth and Trev Hughes and Carole Long will tell you how rewarding it is to be involved with the youngsters.

Applications for grants, constantly written

The Finance Committee continues to work hard behind the scenes and are constantly lodging applications for funding. We have a great team involved at the moment and I am grateful for the efforts that they put in. It is not always rewarding as rejections are common but the whoopee moments when we succeed make up for the disappointments.

Thanks to all our volunteers and Supporters
And to everyone who supports the Trust  at whatever level a huge thank you for your efforts during the year. It is a pleasure to chair such a brilliant voluntary organisation and from the Trust I wish you all a merry xmas and a great new year. This is a special time of year so take the time to have some quality family time. We have another interesting year ahead so I look forward to catching up with you all.

Phil Wells | Chair | OKT

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