The management of the Trust is spread over five management areas, supported by a Board of Trustees including over 100 volunteers.


Hans Pendergrast  (Chair)

Melanie Norton (Treasurer)

Dave Wills (on leave)

Peter Crane

Harry Taylor 

Gavin Cherrie

Finance and Funding

Melanie Norton  (Treasurer)

Gavin Cherrie 

Suzanne Williams (Secretary)


Administration and Compliance

Suzanne Williams (Secretary)

Hans Pendergrast



Operations Team

Peter Crane (Chair)

Jenny Black

Diane Paton (Secretary)

Dave Brown

Craig Montgomerie

David Keeble


Volunteers and Database Team

Julie Brown

Volunteer BOP



Communication, Education, Advocacy and Research Team

Carole Long

Hans Pendergrast

Keri Courtney

Moana Bianchin

Kiri Diamond

Updated 10/5/2017

Other Volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation and we are fortunate to have well over 100 people actively involved who are passionate about conservation and the Trust’s work at Otanewainuku.

Volunteers bring with them a broad range of skills, they have willingness to pass on knowledge and a desire to expand their own skills. Where required we also send key volunteers on training courses from which they can pass on training. Courses include kiwi handling, mountain safety first aid, trapping workshop, fundraising workshop and toxin licensing.

Roles carried out by volunteers include

  • Trust board members
  • Fundraising
  • Workday line clearing
  • Workday bait station operations
  • Workday feeding and supporting the volunteers
  • Keeping the freezer full of salted rabbit
  • Monitoring flora and fauna
  • Kiwi monitoring and surveys
  • Speaking to groups
  • Advocacy
  • Administration, secretarial, website and newsletter production.

When the Forest Flourishes, the People Flourish.

Over 5000 hours every year and thousands of kilometers traveled. Special thanks to all the children who have fundraised for us!

Trustees 2007

Back: Jim Pendergrast, Dave Edwards, Mark Dean, Sharon Seager.

Inset: Maartje Houthuyzen.

Front: Dave Wills, Carole Long, Moana Bianchin, Des Heke-Kaiawha.


Founding Trustees 2003

Back: Jim Pendergrast, John Mullany, Dave Wills, Dan Heke, Mark Dean, Sharon Seager.

Front: Moana Bianchin, Neale Blaymires, Glenn Ayo.

Past Trustee

Heather White


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